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Not a Father’s Day post.

Though I do want to give a quick thank you to my father, my wife’s father, and all the other fathers out there doing their best to be the best dad they can be for their kids.

I realized that I never gave an update after the “date” this week.  We went and saw Avengers in 3D.  It was awesome as expected.   The movie loses nothing in the second viewing.  3D doesn’t add anything super amazing to the movie, though there are some gorgeous 3D shots in there and there isn’t the kind of motion blurring you get in a lot of 3D movies, so props to them for that.

The “date” went well.  We had fun, chatted a bit about work and houses and dogs and kids.  Nothing at all about moving beyond friends was brought up; like I said in prior posts, don’t want it to seem like I was going behind the wife’s back.  While I knew it was definitely the wrong time to bring it up, that didn’t make it any less tempting to do so.  Le sigh.  The list of things we want but can’t have is always long.

In unrelated news, I finally broke down and started watching Glee.  I entirely blame my brother-in-law.  He posted that amazing video from Glee for Smooth Criminal which prompted me to check out some other videos of musical performances from Glee, which prompted me to start watching the first season.  Man does it not make me miss high-school.  The DRAMA!  The music is awesome, though.


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Frustrated Incorporated

I’ve been having gum pain the past week.  Pretty sure it’s due to overuse of ibuprofen.  I’m not just popping them willy nilly, doc recommended that I take 600/day.  This doesn’t exceed the limit listed on the bottle, so it seems reasonable.  I am, though, not the first person I know to have gums issues related to ibuprofen.  I’ve been off it for a couple days now and it’s improving drastically.  However, still have that constant pain and it’s been eating at my nerves.  Afraid to take anything for the pain for fear of making it worse again.  Argh!

Sleep has also been elusive of late.  Combination of the pain, my wife’s sudden bout of extreme snoring and a restless child has made a good night’s sleep something I can only fantasize about.

Get to go to a movie with our potential girl early next week, so that should be fun.  Not that I think I’ll bring anything up about it then.  I don’t want it to look like I’m going behind my wife’s back.  It’s likely that’s something I can only fantasize about, too, lol.

So, nothing major.  Nothing horrible.  The continuing pain just makes me easily frustrated.  I’m sure the change in meds doesn’t help, either.  Been back on the Welbutrin for not quite a week now, so that should start kicking in soon, I hope.  Though, it can take a while to really see effect.  Man, I should have just not bothered trying to find something else in the first place.

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In Time – Maybe Justin Timberlake can act….

The wife and I went out and saw “In Time” last night.  While it was a good movie, the highlight had to have been being able to go out to a movie in the first place.  One of those casualties of parenthood is going to the theatre.  Can’t exactly take an x Month old out to a movie; it doesn’t matter how well behaved they are.

Anyways, we went and saw “In Time”.  It was a good movie.  In all, I’ve gotten out of touch with new movies.  I used to follow them with great excitement, but that was before becoming a daddy.  So, I sat down to look through movies and after reading the description of that one, thought it sounded absolutely wonderful.  Then  saw the cast.  Justin Timberlake?  really?  I know, I shouldn’t judge him for his highly successful music career.  I mean, I’d have done it in a heartbeat.  But it still generates that knee-jerk reaction.  He’s actually a pretty good actor, though.  The first thing I saw him act in was “Southland Tales”.   Weird movie, worth watching twice (because you’ll miss a lot the first time through).  He didn’t have much of a role there, but you could see some hint of talent in it.  His lead role in “In Time” has proven to me that he is more than a pretty face and teen heart throb.

The movie itself was very good as well.  The plot was well held together.  The premise was great.  The story line was a little scattered occasionally, but not too badly so.  It was a good commentary on today’s widening wealth gap without throwing in your face that it’s a commentary on today’s events.

Cillian Murphy puts out a great performance, as usual.  No surprises there.

Amanda Seyfried was very convincing in her transition from Snobby sophisticate to Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde.  Also, she’s a pleasure to watch on screen.  I hope to see her on screen more often.

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