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St Baldrick’s

So, I did some fundraising for charity.  This is not something I normally do.  I’ll give money to charity, or donate goods to charity, but I rarely give my time to charity and this is the first time since boy scouts that I’ve raised money for charity.  I’ve never been very good at it.  However I had fantastic success this time.  Also, I had a good time at the actual event.

St Baldrick’s raises money for research in to childhood cancer.  I volunteered to be a Shavee, meaning that I got on stage at a major concert house and let them shave my head.  Over the last several weeks, I’ve convinced people to sponsor me and managed to raise nearly $400.  Considering I figured I’d be lucky to raise $50, I’m very excited about that.

Getting on stage and letting them shave my head was kind of cool.  Honestly, though, losing all my hair isn’t a big loss.  I mean, there’s a lot of identity that goes along with being a red head and so not having the red hair is kind of striking in that regard, but it’ll grow back and it’s not like I had long flowing locks or anything.  On the other hand, the man sitting next to me on stage had beautiful hair down to the middle of his back.  So, not only did he shave all that for this event, he was also able to donate all that hair to Locks of Love, too.  Above and beyond that, though, were the women getting their heads shaved.  I mean, a man having a shaved head isn’t unusual.  Whether it be because he’s losing his hair or just for fashion, it’s fairly normal.  But a woman with a shaved head is entirely different.  Outside of Sinéad O’Connor, you mostly only see women wish shaved heads if there is something wrong.  So seeing these young women with long hair step forward with the courage to do this was very inspiring.


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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wife and me, 8 years and counting.  We’ve come to our favorite anniversary spot as we do most years.  A weekend away can do wonders.

The drive up here is about 3 hours and very nice this time of year.  We’ve come up here in the winter in the past and that is not a fun drive.  If you get up before the snow, though, it’s no big deal.

On the drive up we pass an old broken down barn.  Only the front side of it has fallen, and the first time I saw it, it struck me as looking like it was kneeling.  I’ve always thought that a picture of it with a cross cropped-in in front of it would be a very striking image.  I’ve taken several pictures of it, but none of them ever come out quite right.

That long drive also gives me a lot of time to think.  I got to thinking about the Scouts of America.  I was a Cub Scout, and a Boy Scout.  I loved Cub, not so much Boy.  Though, the latter was mostly because of the individuals I was there with.  An unfortunate result of luck.  Such is life, though.  The point, though, is that while I enjoyed it as a child and came away with a lot of good from it, I don’t know that I am willing to send my son down that road.  I’ve learned too much about them, now.  Their discriminatory policies towards gays as well as agnostics/atheists are things I don’t want my son associating with.   This non accepting attitude contrasted against the great lessons learned as a member puts me in a tough position that I really don’t have a means of reconciling.  My only real hope is that they get their heads out of the sand before my son comes of age so that I don’t have to make that decision.  Either that or try to find another similar program.

We got to our room and the first thing I did, well, after hauling everything in and then changing and feeding my son, was plop my butt in the bath tub.  The tub at home is fairly small, and while I still enjoy taking a soak in it, the nice big tubs up here feel very luxurious.  It really is the little things that make things nice.

The other thing we discovered shortly after arriving is that my wife had forgotten to bring any shirts.  Which isn’t entirely accurate, she didn’t forget.  She had them set out, but she somehow forgot to put them in to the bag.  oops.

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