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Who the hell is this guy?

I am in my early 30s.  I’m the husband of a wonderful and industrious woman and the father of a toddler.  I work 40 hours a week in IT for a company I’ve been with for nearly 10 years and am going to school for a computer science degree.

I used to write a lot, though that’s faded out of my life as I’ve gotten older.  From an early age I’ve been a fan of Fantasy and Sci Fi.  I used to read voraciously and still read as often as I can find time to squeeze it in.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m starting this blog.  I’ve tried to blog before, but have been horrible about keeping up with it.  My wife, on the other hand, keeps up with writing 3 blogs.  I feel the need, though, to try again.  So, here we go.  In general, I’ll probably just talk about my life, as droll as it is, and whatever else comes to mind.  I’m afraid that I probably won’t stick with any particular topic or theme like most successful blogs do.  My wife would have a heart attack.  All 3 of those blogs I mentioned that she writes have a very distinct theme and purpose.  Very little crosses between them.  I’m afraid I don’t categorize my life quite like that, so it would never work for me.

That’s something of who I am.  We’ll see together how much more comes out of this.


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