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In Time – Maybe Justin Timberlake can act….

The wife and I went out and saw “In Time” last night.  While it was a good movie, the highlight had to have been being able to go out to a movie in the first place.  One of those casualties of parenthood is going to the theatre.  Can’t exactly take an x Month old out to a movie; it doesn’t matter how well behaved they are.

Anyways, we went and saw “In Time”.  It was a good movie.  In all, I’ve gotten out of touch with new movies.  I used to follow them with great excitement, but that was before becoming a daddy.  So, I sat down to look through movies and after reading the description of that one, thought it sounded absolutely wonderful.  Then  saw the cast.  Justin Timberlake?  really?  I know, I shouldn’t judge him for his highly successful music career.  I mean, I’d have done it in a heartbeat.  But it still generates that knee-jerk reaction.  He’s actually a pretty good actor, though.  The first thing I saw him act in was “Southland Tales”.   Weird movie, worth watching twice (because you’ll miss a lot the first time through).  He didn’t have much of a role there, but you could see some hint of talent in it.  His lead role in “In Time” has proven to me that he is more than a pretty face and teen heart throb.

The movie itself was very good as well.  The plot was well held together.  The premise was great.  The story line was a little scattered occasionally, but not too badly so.  It was a good commentary on today’s widening wealth gap without throwing in your face that it’s a commentary on today’s events.

Cillian Murphy puts out a great performance, as usual.  No surprises there.

Amanda Seyfried was very convincing in her transition from Snobby sophisticate to Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde.  Also, she’s a pleasure to watch on screen.  I hope to see her on screen more often.


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