Manual Labor

I enjoy manual labor.  I know that’s nearly blasphemous for a geek to say, but it’s true.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d hate to have a job that requires it or have to do it frequently, but as an occasional thing, it’s great.  I spent my Friday emptying and disassembling a steel shed in my back yard.  Now, it’s been a pretty good little shed.  It was there when my parents bought the house 25 years ago and has held up well until this last fall, when the weight of the leaves and branches and water on it collapsed the roof.  Having disassembled and emptied it, I feel really good.  I enjoyed the work while I was doing it; being able to get something done without putting a lot of thought in to it.  The feel of having accomplished it.  The sore muscles for a few days after are both bitter and sweet.  All around, good times.  Now, Tuesday I get to build the replacement shed.  Looking forward to it.


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